Ikebana Arrangement

Ikebana is the peaceful and beautiful art of Japanese flower arrangement. It is believed to have been developed from Buddhist rituals that included offerings of flowers.

I have been studying ikebana as a means of spiritual development. The act of arranging flowers in ikebana is a form of meditation for me.

Unlike Western flower arrangements that are symmetrical, ikebana arrangements are asymmetrical, suggestive of the perfection in nature.

Over time, ikebana made its way from the public temples to personal living spaces. These arrangements have now come to symbolize the aesthetic of the Japanese home.

Way of the Flower offers beautiful arrangements that will brighten any home or office. I try to provide beautiful, flowing arrangements using quality, premium flowers and beautiful handmade vases from Turning Point Studio. Each arrangement includes an original design with a handmade vase and frog pin (kenzan). You just choose color/theme such as happiness, gratitude, consolation and I will create a unique flower arrangement in my studio in Vestal, NY for pick up or local delivery.